The Public Works Division plans, coordinates, organizes, directs and controls a variety of engineering and architectural services for the State, including land acquisition, planning, designing, inspecting and managing construction projects, facilitating quality control, contracting, construction management, and equipping facilities and other improvements for State agencies. The Division, through its Leasing Branch, locates, negotiates and leases office space in non-state buildings for user agencies.

Public Works Division’s Presentation to the General Contractor’s Association 10/28/2020

GCA Presentation 2020 DAGS – October 28 2020

Conducted by the DAGS Public Works Division, Training Information 12/05/2017

This training is mandated by Act 241 of the State Legislature of Hawaii 2016.
Act 241 states the following:
(a) The comptroller shall conduct annual training for the engineering personnel of all executive departments and state agencies that manage their own capital improvement projects to ensure compliance with state adopted standards and procedures of best practices in the management and construction of capital improvement projects.
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